Document Shredding House-Call or Purge

Document Shredding House Call

You do not have to be a current customer. Half of all Paper Wise paper shredding is house calls referred to as "purges".


In referring to house, this can be your place of business, warehouse, storage shed or house. Anywhere that you may have a large pile of information. Give us a call and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you and come shred your information at your location. We will plan to have the proper amount of help for the lifting and even arrange for both on-site shred trucks to be there if need be. This is very common and we welcome your call.


In the past we have cleaned out dealerships, estates, accountants' files, garages and have even cleaned out a boat. We can shred notebooks, folders, plastic binders, hardback books, phone books and most any type of information files. We cannot destroy hard drives and we cannot shred the ledgers with the heavy bolt binder. Please do not put in trash, used kleenex, bottles and cans, etc. When recycled our shred is sold as co-mingle which can have up to 5% of foreign material other than paper.


Often we will go to a neighborhood or cul-de-sac and everybody will bring their shred out and share the cost. So organize a neighborghood shred!


Each Purge is billed by the number of blue containers shredded! Each container holds about 7 banker's boxes or 4 large file boxes. Please call for a quote! 970-945-2885