Reasons You Need Paper Wise On-Site Paper Shredding

When inquiring about people or businesses needing our service, we often get "We have a shredder in our office."

2 Facts. First, personal and office shredders are the least dependable electronic product made. Call us when your shredder burns up or breaks.

Second, Although you may provide a shredder for your employees, statistics show that most employees will not take the time to shred their important documents and will often just drop them in the trash. Call Paper Wise and we will cancel all doubt.





All Shredding is Done On-Site!

Identity Theft Accounts for $37,000,000,000 of crime every year in America!

Whether your business is regulated by HIPAA, FACTA or Gramm-Leach-Bliley or not, if you collect confidential information from customers or employees, they are entrusting you with this information. Therefor you have an "Implied Impact" to keep this information confidential. You must legally take every precaution to protect it, including shredding it before you discard it.


" Businesses must take a reasonable measure in protecting consumer information from unauthorized access and or use."


Consumer information must be destroyed prior to entering the recycling process. At Paper Wise everything we collect is shredded and everything that is shredded is then recycled.


We are your "reasonable measure"

All Receptacles are lockable.

All Truck Compartments Locked

Shred size is NAID Approved

Drivers have Background Check

Drivers Have Drug Screen

Information is Confidential

Shredding is 100% Supervised