Sustainable Paper Recycling

Pitkin County landfill Paper Bailer for Recycling

At Paper Wise, we implement several recycling methods: Our first choice for having the paper we shred recycled is to have the paper shipped back to mills to be recycled into paper. However, we do at times bring our shredded paper to a local compost company where it is used as an ingredient in compost. We do at times have customers object to the compost method of recycling. Some say that unless the paper is shipped back to mills to be recycled back into paper it is not really recycled at all.

We respectfully disagree. Paper Recycling

We believe that by using the shredded paper as an ingredient in another product we are meeting the definition of RECYCLING. We also believe we are addressing another important issue which is being discussed more frequently in the environmental community: sustainable living.

There are many definitions of "sustainable living" and we invite you to read some of these definitions at Here is what Saburo Kato writes about sustainability: "Sustainability: A new way of life and approach to social and economic activities for all societies, rich and poor, which is compatible with the preservation of the environment." By recycling shredded paper into compost we are applying a new approach to a social and economic activity (paper consumption) which is compatible with the preservation of the environment. Not only does the compost method of recycling help preserve the environment, it also helps beautify the environment. The compost product is used by local landscape companies to help grow things like lawns, flowers and even trees! Imagine that...returning the paper to the Earth from where it came in the first place. Some argue that returning the paper to the Earth is the ultimate in "closing the loop". Also, the plants which grow from the compost help absorb Co2. Plants also produce oxygen for us to breathe.

We always welcome the discussion of various recycling methods and believe that all recycling is good recycling.
Recycle on!
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