Paper Wise Customer Testimonials

"I have a small bookkeeping business and Paper Wise stops by my house every other year to shred documents from my home office. The convenience is fabulous!"

Amy - Bookkeeping Systems - Avon, CO


"Paper Wise stopped by my office in Edwards and shredded a box of paper in about 30 seconds. I do not have an ongoing service plan, I call them and they stop by when I need them!"

Rick - All Valley Construction, Edwards, CO


"The best service in the valley!"

Chaffin Light, Snowmass, CO


"Thank you Paper Wise for helping us to recycle!"

2 Leaves and A Bud - Basalt, CO


"My father passed away after 50 years in the accounting business, he saved every file he ever had. I was not sure what to do, but a friend recommended Paper Wise, and they came and shredded all of his documents and recycled them. It was a huge relief."

Dave Russell