Shred Away 2020!

Shred Away 2020!

Shred Away 2020! 1708 2560 Paper Wise

2020 was a difficult year for everybody. Dealing with social isolation, sickness, and slow business en masse; everyone has felt the impact of this Global Pandemic. That being said, times of difficulty are a perfect window for improving existing systems and cleaning out old corners. Paper Wise saw this time as an opportunity to innovate and work to better fit the needs of the community.

After only accepting cash and checks for over 20 years, Paper Wise began its 2020 by making the transition to credit card transactions, preparing for a new expansion into the Denver service area. In August of 2020, Paper Wise set up shop in Centennial, Colorado. Paper Wise is here to help families, small businesses, and employees working remotely to have access to essential secure shredding and recycling services. 

Since opening their store and expanding services to the front range in August, Paper Wise has been met by an overwhelmingly positive response from their clients; accentuating how convenient the store is and how smooth the shredding process has become with Paper Wise. Coming in hot through the New Years’, Paper Wise is here to change the game in 2021. Don’t hesitate to clean out your old filing cabinets and storage units! Start 2021 on a better note with Paper Wise!

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