Paper Shredding: This is How it Works

Paper Shredding: This is How it Works

Paper Shredding: This is How it Works 150 150 Paper Wise

Paper Wise does not only shred your paper, it is recycled after being shredded! Here’s how it works…

First, you accumulate paper over time and bring it to us to be shredded.

Then your paper is shredded in a secure way and your information is destroyed.

Next, the 8,000 pounds of shredded paper in our truck gets taken to a processing facility and it gets compressed into paper bails.

After the paper is bailed, it is transferred to a tissue mill chosen by the processing facility.

The recycled paper gets processed into toilet paper, tissue paper, and or paper towels.

Here at Paper Wise, the impact on the environment is important. We help keep our beautiful planet clean and healthy by recycling our shredded paper. With the recent events of Covid-19, our recycling process has begun to help with the shortage of paper products in the United States. Turning paper shreds into toilet paper is just one of the many ways Paper Wise helps both our community and the environment.

Still have questions on how our paper shredding service works? Give us a call!


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